Automated machines and lines

A thoroughly
tried-and-tested methodology and experience

Designing and manufacturing of assembly systems
and test machines for automotive components.

Customisation, efficiency and flexibility are the core criteria underpinning the design and manufacture of automated machines and lines for assembling and testing automotive components.

We devise every system according to clients’ specific requirements in terms of process, quality and productivity as well as economic investment. We take care of every phase: from design to software engineering, assembling, installation, training and post-sales assistance.

Since we are aware that needs do change rapidly, we supply flexible systems that can be easily reconfigured over time. Over the years we have also employed our expertise to design a few automation devices, marketed under Xelit brand.

Research into innovative solutions and attention to detail are the very essence of our machines; this is our way of interpreting "Made in Italy" the world over.


We manufacture assembly systems designed according to clients’ specific needs, implementing lean manufacturing criteria to achieve excellent performance.

Our test machines integrate cutting-edge equipment and technologies to accurately measure products’ characteristics and validate compliance and performance.

Highly versatile and user friendly, our own Xelit’s devices run a wide range of leak tests and press fitting in order to ensure quality of end products.

We assist clients throughout the system’s life cycle, providing all types of service they might require.
We provide bespoke, on-site training sessions on correct machinery management both for operators and maintenance technicians. We also organise special sessions with purposely equipped machines.
We provide remote assistance for immediate troubleshooting to avoid or minimise downtime.
Resident engineer
Our engineers assist customers on-site according to specific plans and targets.
Spare parts service
We supply all necessary spare parts for the system.
We can schedule maintenance programmes and carry out extraordinary maintenance.
We provide software and hardware upgrades of obsolete systems.
We adapt existing systems to new uses or requirements.

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