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Digital technologies for outstanding performance

Unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and quality for manufacturing lines.

Simulation software, virtual commissioning, virtual reality, and augmented reality are opening up new possibilities for the automotive industry.

With these tools, we can shape the systems that best suit our customers’ needs, by simulating and analysing their performance in advance. At the same time, customers can follow and collaborate on projects while they advance from concept to engineering.

We also bring personnel training and machine maintenance to the next level, creating effective and smooth experiences.


We can simulate manufacturing system performance starting from the concept phase, using CAD models, and adding data as they become available.

Charts, statistics, and analysis tools allow us to evaluate different scenarios, in order to design optimal manufacturing systems, streamline processes and use resources efficiently.

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We are offering customers a brand-new type of collaboration, using virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual reality, for example, enables customers to dive into the digital manufacturing environment to review projects.

Augmented reality makes training and maintenance of systems effective and engaging through seamless access to information and a visual step-by-step guide.

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We aim to fully leverage the opportunities provided by virtual commissioning, which simulates the performance of a physical system through its digital twin, integrating the CAD model and control software in a dedicated development environment.

Prediction of the real performance of machines and early removal of inefficiencies lead to faster commissioning and better quality systems.


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